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COVID-19 UPDATE: Sadly, since 23 March our shipping operations came to a halt. In an effort to protect our employees, our staff is working on a skeleton crew to complete orders entered prior to the shutdown. We continue to do our best to serve our retailers in an effort to help the ones who are doing curb side pick ups and online shipping to remain open for as long as we can sustain. Unfortunately, the factory that we use in the US has been closed and they are not producing any puzzles for us, or the dozen other puzzle companies for whom they manufacture puzzles. Supply is limited at this time, for an indefinite period.

EXISTING WEB ORDERS that were placed are being honoured, it is however delayed between 2 to 4 weeks. We are rotating warehouse staff to ensure that we have a team each week to continue packing orders. However, during the early weeks of March, we experienced an unprecedented increase in demand, so even at full capacity, it was a strain on our existing team - add to that a very limited crew now and we have unfortunate delays. As soon as we have a tracking number from the warehouse, you will receive an email so you can follow your package. Thank you for your patience, it is appreciated.

FOR REPLACEMENT PUZZLES, we do apologize that we do not have the team to service you at this time (but don't give up)! We hope that for many of you with a missing piece, that the escapee will turn up as it often does. Please check your pockets, slippers, housecoats, laundry baskets, areas near your phone, and other rooms as pieces can attach to your clothing and fall off in other areas. People write in to us all the time having found their missing piece. For others, given the unknown of when we'll be able to replace your puzzle, our team is thinking of ways to make sure you are compensated as we do recognize the value of your dollar and understand the disappointment of an unfinished or damaged puzzle. Our apologies for any quality issue. We also empathize with the sentimental value of gifts. So please hear us when we say that we do not intend to leave you alone in this, but we ask that you find patience for us as we work the problem and provide a solution (hopefully in the near future). Also note, that due to the unique die cutting process, we are not able to guarantee that a replacement will match your existing puzzle piece shapes and we cannot send you "the one piece" that you need.

*****Please check back on this page for updates in a month (May 8th) to see if we have re-opened or see if our
Contact Us (Puzzle Issues) form is open, please. We are known for excellent customer service and look forward to helping you, so please know that we will refuse service to anyone who is unkind, rude, or disrespectful to our staff. We do not need to be convinced or bullied into replacing your puzzle, it is our pleasure to make things right for you, so please be confident in that. Thank you!

SHOPPERS who are in need of puzzles, we apologize that we cannot accommodate you at this time due to limited staff and supply. We welcome you to visit our
Find A Store link on the main navigation to see if there is a retailer near you or online who can safely serve you! Thank you for supporting Cobble Hill and our valued retailers. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Be safe! --8 April 2020 update