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n. a sudden feeling of excitement or pleasure

We know puzzlers seek zen when they're assembling their puzzle. But we also hope that when you pick out a Cobble Hill puzzle at the store, order one online, or receive one as a gift - that the moment you open our box - you feel that sense of excitement - the "Cobble Hill thrill". We feel like our quirky pieces and random cut shapes represent us humans from all walks of life.

Welcome to the adventurous world of random cut puzzles! Our quirky shaped pieces add a lot of character to the standard jigsaw puzzle. The funny shapes are a break-away from the predictable patterns of a ribbon cut puzzle. What's the difference? A ribbon cut puzzle has pieces all of similar square shapes that line up in neat columns and rows creating a grid pattern. A random cut puzzle is quite different. The pieces can be long, short, large, thin, or curvy and when the puzzle is complete, it usually has an abstract pattern. You may even find yourself mesmerized by the peculiar shapes. Look at all those wacky pieces, aren't they fun?

If you're looking for a more unorthodox jigsaw puzzle, then Cobble Hill is your first choice. Challenge yourself to an unconventional experience. Be bold, be brave. We dare you!


With Cobble Hill puzzles, you can feel confident you're choosing quality fun for you and your family. Our team of puzzle experts have spent countless hours searching for the most endearing images to bring to life. We take care to use the finest inks and varnishes creating a desirably crisp image. The random-cut pieces add an element of intrigue. And to top it off, we use a quality linen print paper that gives the puzzle a luxurious look and feel. Not only does the linen print paper look elegant, but it also works to reduce the glare by dispersing the light across the cross hatches much better than a smooth paper finish. Even the box and reference poster have the linen print texture! Your fingers will thank you!

What are "Family" puzzles? It's a special puzzle designed with small, medium and large size pieces to allow children and adults of all ages to manipulate the puzzle pieces easily. Originally, Cobble Hill offered a 400 piece Family Puzzle with large, medium and small sized pieces. However, after surveying our puzzlers, we learned that they wanted more large size pieces in the puzzle and a smaller piece count so they could accomplish the puzzle more easily. So, we phased out the 400 piece and began the journey with our Family Pieces 350 puzzles. These includes more large and medium sized pieces allowing for younger or less skilled puzzlers to contribute more equally to the assembling of the puzzle, while leaving the smaller pieces for the adult or more skilled puzzler. This ensures that everyone can puzzle together! With lots of delightful images to choose from, we're sure you'll enjoy a Cobble Hill Family Pieces 350 Puzzle.

You can see the pieces are large on the left and cascade to small pieces on the right. The direction of the different sized pieces can change from puzzle to puzzle, but they will always be grouped together.

(Photo by Tammi P. Santa Claus and Friends).

What are Easy Handling Puzzles? Easy Handling puzzles include 275 large size pieces for the visually impaired. Large size pieces allow for one to see more detail, as well as more easily pick up the piece. Our seniors love doing these puzzles because they provide hours of entertainment, but are less challenging to complete relative to a 1000 piece puzzle. It's also a great for the novice puzzler who simply wants to past time in a meaningful way. But don't be fooled into thinking these are "easy" puzzles. Even our skilled puzzlers will enjoy the challenge of an Easy Handling 275 piece puzzle when they need a break from their larger piece counts. It's an enjoyable piece count for any puzzler.

(Photo by Tammi P. "Chez Michelle" Easy Handling 275 piece)

When you see "Cobble Hill Creations" listed as the artist on our puzzles, then that means our in-house design team created the image. In the past, we would call our unique images T.O.P. for "Truly Original Photo" puzzles because they were photographed by a professional. We would curate all the objects used for the puzzle, the backgrounds, and organize the photoshoot with our local photographer, Works Photography. We have put a lot of love and labour into creating a T.O.P. puzzle, so we're pleased that many of them are some of our puzzlers favourites, like Doughnuts, Teacups, and Plenty of Yarn.

In 2020, we started to do more in-house digital production of our images since gathering together for photoshoots wasn't a possibility. So, we changed "T.O.P." from Truly Original Photo puzzles to Truly Original Puzzles to encompass all the in-house digital designs our team was creating. Now anything that is from Cobble Hill Creations could be either a photographed puzzle or a digital creation. That's important to note because the majority of images that puzzle companies offer have been licensed from an artist or licensor. We're very fortunate to have worked with notable artists like The Oatmeal, Juan Ortiz (Star Trek), Rosiland Solomon, Greg Giordano, Tom Newsom, Shelley Davies, Diane Dempsey and many others. However, it can be quite competitive winning the contract to use an artist's image and the license isn't always exclusive. This is why you'll see the same image in several different brands - it's been licensed many times to different companies. But since the T.O.P. line were all created in-house, these are designs strictly made for Cobble Hill that allow us to offer you something unique.

"Wine Alphabet" is a 1000 piece puzzle that is a great example of a T.O.P. because it is both a digital and photographed creation. The bottle labels were created digitally by our in-house team, then photographed for the final image. You can see V for "Vermouth" label being created by one of our designers below. All the bottles in "Wine Alphabet" have labels created by Cobble Hill Creations.

That is all about our puzzles and we're sure there's a lot more you'll discover. Thank you for joining us on this life adventure - we hope that every one of our puzzles invites you into a world of pleasure and peace.