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Consumer FAQs for Cobble Hill Puzzle Co

A. Puzzle Issues

1. Do you have a contact form?See more.

A. Yes! We have a few depending on what you need to contact us for. If you have general questions, please use our General Inquiries form by CLICKING HERE. This form is ideal for general questions, testimonies, or inquiries. For defective puzzles, including missing pieces, please fill out our Puzzle Issues form by CLICKING HERE. You will receive an auto-reply. When we have your puzzle in stock, we'll reach out to you for a shipping address. If you are inquiring about becoming a distributor or retailer, then please CLICK HERE.

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2. Can you replace a missing or damaged piece?See more.

A. First, we're very sorry if the puzzle piece(s) was/were lost or damaged at our factory! While we can send a replacement bag, if the puzzle is in stock, we cannot send you just the missing piece, nor we can guarantee that the new bag will have the same shaped pieces. We use many unique die cutters, so it's likely that a new bag of the same image may have been cut with a different die. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to efficiently process replacement orders. We apologize that our great reputation for customer service will be lacking during this time. You can fill out our Step-1 form to request a replacement. You'll receive an auto-reply and a ticket number. When we have your puzzle in stock, we'll reach out to you for a shipping address. Thank you for your extended patience!Click for Step-1 Form.

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3. What is a UPC code?See more.

A. UPC code is a 12 digit number that helps us identify the product. You can find it on the side of your box and it starts with "6-25012". It has black stripes and it is required to replace a missing pieces or defective puzzle.

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4. Why don't you offer a new image to replace puzzles with a missing piece(s)?See more.

A. This is a sensitive subject. The short of it is, we hope you agree with us that it's fair to make your original puzzle whole so you can either put it back in the box and enjoy it again, share/sell/trade it, or donate it without a missing piece. It's a pretty standard program across the puzzle industry. The long of it is, we often see these missing puzzle pieces turn up in the person's home who originally told us there is no way they lost the piece. Nobody will blame the customer. But we quietly watch puzzle pieces show up all the time and thank you when you write us to cancel your replacement order because the piece(s) was/were found. If we replaced with new images, there's no incentive for people to inform us that they found their piece or sadly, we'd likely see an increase in "missing" piece claims. We know there are a lot of good honest folks out there, but we all love free stuff. We're not a BIG company who can afford the loss, but we're happy to invest in honest claims. We have made exceptions for puzzles that were discontinued within a reasonable number of years and that had a defect/damage. When it's clearly a manufacturing issue, our team does what it can where it's warranted and we apologize if our solution is upsetting. We do hope that you were entertained during the time you spent enjoying the puzzle. Your support is important to us and we appreciate having you as a customer.

Please CLICK HERE to visit our WooHoo Wall with messages from happy puzzlers who lost their piece, then found it. We can't post them all, so we just picked a few different scenarios that highlight what we most often hear. We left out some funnier cat and dog ones, but for another time...

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5. Why hasn't someone answered my email?See more.

A. Pre-Covid-19, nobody would ever ask us this question unless something slipped through the cracks. Our team is always quick to respond and we're known for excellent customer service. However, during Covid-19, we apologize if you haven't received a personal response from us at this time. Every email that gets sent to us includes an auto-reply with a link to our Covid-19 update page. We hope that you can understand that the heavily increased influx of emails is incredibly high to the relative number of staff members we have to service you, so it is taking weeks to reply as opposed to our normal response within hours. If we reach out to you with an answer that requires information, we really need for you to provide all the information requested, else it slows us down and we have to skip your response for the moment to keep moving. Sending an email again to ask why you haven't had a response only increases our inbox, so we desperately ask for your patience. Thank you.

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6. I filled out your replacement form. Why hasn't my replacement arrived yet, it's been so long?See more.

A. As mentioned in question 5 above, Pre-Covid-19, nobody would ever ask us this question unless something slipped through the cracks. Our team is always quick to respond and we're known for excellent customer service. However, we are VERY low on stock. The factory cannot keep up with demand and they don't make puzzles just for our company, but dozens of other popular brands - so across many companies you'll find that stock fluctuates quite a bit. If you check out our website's "In Stock Puzzles" tab and do not see your puzzle listed there, then that is a good indicator as to why you haven't received your replacement - it's simply not in stock. We constantly check our warehouse stock and we're working diligently to take care of shipping all requests as quick as possible. Sometimes, your order may be in the queue, but we haven't sent an email to you yet because we're waiting for the warehouse to pack your order first and get a tracking number, so we can send all the information to you at once. We know your replacement is important and our goal is to make sure you receive it as soon as possible. Thank you for your extended patience and cooperation during this unprecedented time.

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B. Puzzle Questions

1. What's the difference in puzzle box size/design and poster/no poster?See more.

A. No matter what size puzzle box you purchase, the quality should be the same if it's a Cobble Hill branded puzzle. We produce puzzles on special request for certain retailers. Some retailers like smaller, square boxes as it takes up less shelf space (we call these square boxes "Modular" puzzles). At this time, the Modular puzzles do not include reference posters. Our standard puzzle boxes are rectangular in shape (26.625" x 19.25") and the majority include a reference poster. If having a poster is important, please be sure to look for "Poster Included" below our logo on the front of the box. If you do not see that, then the puzzle does not have a poster. Also, you'll often find our puzzles at Hobby Lobby with a beige border, these do not include posters. Any puzzle box design with a light beige frame pre-dates our new design from 2018, which is when we stated including posters.

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2. What do the puzzle pieces look like?See more.

A. The Family Pieces 350 have small, medium and large pieces so puzzlers of all skill levels can collaborate on the puzzle. The Easy Handling 275 puzzles have the largest size pieces, averaging between 1.5" to 4" and are an excellent choice for someone with impaired vision or declining motor function. The 500 piece puzzles have fairly large size pieces, slightly bigger than a quarter. The 1000 piece puzzles are more similar to a nickel. To see a comparison of the actual piece sizes, please CLICK HERE.

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3. Are the puzzle piece counts exact or an approximation?See more.

A. The piece count on the box is an approximation, not an accurate count of the pieces. Our puzzle dies are handmade and although we give instructions to create a 1000 or 500 piece template, the die maker does his best to come as close as possible to the piece count. However, on occasion, we could have 1007 pieces or 991 pieces in a "1000 piece" puzzle and it will be a complete puzzle in either case. This applies to all the piece counts..

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4. When will Cobble Hill puzzles be in stock at my local or favourite online retailer?See more.

A. We appreciate that you want to support your local or favourite online retailer, thank you! Unfortunately, during Covid-19, there has been an unprecedented high demand for puzzles. This has made it extremely difficult to replenish our stock in a timely fashion, which means the retailer is unable to replenish their Cobble Hill stock. The factory that we use manufactures puzzles for many other puzzle brands, so they are doing their best to produce as many puzzles as possible for all of us. However, they have to be cognizant of safety precautions, so things aren't moving as quickly as anyone would like - the factory included. We're all working as hard as we can to provide a great service to everyone, but we ask that you have a little patience with us during this challenging season. It's possible that your favourite retailer can keep your name on a waiting list for the puzzles that you're after, so please inquire with them - it may also help them know what to order for their store. Thank you..

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5. Will you be restocking the Rainbow collection puzzles?See more.

A. Yes! During Covid puzzles have been restocking slower than usual. However, we have not discontinued the Rainbow colour puzzles, so keep checking back. Once you see them in stock on our website, your favourite online and local retailers will most likely be getting them in stock soon too! (This also applies to the 2000 piece Rainbow and 1000 piece Colourful Rainbow puzzle).

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C. Where to Buy

1. Where can I buy Cobble Hill puzzles locally?See more.

A. We love that you want to buy local! To find a local retailer, please use our Find A Store link by CLICKING HERE. We do not sell puzzles directly from our Victoria, BC or Brampton, ON locations. If you can't find a local store, then please try one of our North American Online Retailers or International Online Retailers.

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2. Can I get a factory tour?See more.

A. We get asked this question a lot! Unfortunately, people visiting beautiful Victoria, BC would only be visiting our uneventful sales and administration office. Due to safety concerns, we don't do public tours of our warehouse either. We've very sorry, but thanks for asking!

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3. Can I have a catalogue mailed to me?See more.

A. We can send a flyer with a limited selection of our puzzles. However, we do not have a catalogue of all our puzzles that we send to consumers. We are mainly a wholesaler, so our catalogues are designed for mailing to retailers. However, if you would like, you can download an online copy of our catalogue by CLICKING HERE.

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4. Is your website open to shop and are there minimums? There's no add to cart button.See more.

A. Yes, you can shop our website, however we do still require the minimum. We're mainly a wholesaler, so our warehouse team is dedicated to shipping large retail orders. When our website is open to all orders, we get flooded and then the team can't efficiently serve our customers (you) with on time package deliveries. Hopefully, we will be able to have a full staff again instead of split shift staff for Covid safety measures. As well, we are very low on supply, so not all puzzles are available. Please look in the "In Stock Puzzles" section for the available list of puzzles, which is updated a few times per day. There are also Floor Puzzles and Tray Puzzles available, but those are not in the "In Stock Puzzles" section, but rather in their own category, which can be found in the "Shop By Category" link.

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5. Do you sell frames for the puzzles?See more.

A. We are so sorry, but we do not sell frames. We have no affiliation with puzzle frame stores, but we have seen customers use Frame It Easy who offer custom frames. You can visit their USA website by CLICKING HERE.

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6. Is there still a minimum order to purchase on the website?See more.

A. We are pleased to announce that as of June 2, 2021, we have lifted the minimum order to purchase on our website. We are testing out whether our warehouse staff can meet the high demand without sacrificing great customer service. So, you are now able to purchase just one puzzle if that's your preference. There are no guarantees if we can stay minimum free, so if you see a puzzle that you've been wanting, we recommend buying it now. During June 8 to 13, our warehouse is closed for inventory. We are not able to ship during this time. As a result, orders may build up during that week and will take a few days to catch up and get the orders processed. There is a possibility that orders made after June 4th will not ship until after June 14th. After we're caught up from the closure, things will resume back to "normal" and we expect to get your puzzles shipped out within a few days. Thank you!/p>

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D. Custom Puzzles & Artist Inquiries

1. How can I suggest an image that I'd like to see as a puzzle?See more.

A. We would love to hear your artist or image suggestions! Please use our Contact Us (General Inquiries) form. Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us!

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2. How can I submit my photos / artwork for consideration?See more.

A. Thank you for thinking of us! Please fill out the General Inquiries form and choose the drop down option for "Artist/Image Suggestion". In the comments section, you can include a link to your portfolio. At this time we only license artwork, so please no photography. We apologize, but our Creative Art Director, Allegra, receive a high volume of artist submissions and will only reply to those of interest for our line. We have brought on new artists, like Shelley Davies, who have never had their art turned into a puzzle, so we do keep our eyes open!

Please bear the following in mind:

Size matters. Puzzles are big! If your fabulous work of art was created at greeting-card size, it will not look so good at 26.625" x 19.25" (the size of our 1000 piece puzzles). You will need to be able to provide a print ready file that is 300 pixels per inch.

A great puzzle. Great paintings do not necessarily make great puzzles. For instance, I love the work of Edward Hopper, but I cannot think of one of his images that I would want to do as a puzzle. Below is a rough guideline of a successful puzzle - of course, there are exceptions to every rule!


  • Busy composition.
  • Colourful. Different areas in different colours is how most puzzlers sort their pieces.
  • Focal point. Easily identified subject.


  • There shouldn't be big boring areas. A vast expanse of water or sky or road should have something breaking up the monotony.
  • Too monochromatic. Too dark.
  • There is an optimal range for the size of the subject in relation to the total image. For instance on a dog puzzle, a head shot of a dog becomes a portrait of an individual animal and can lack universal appeal. Conversely, if the dog is a small silhouette in a forest, then it is a landscape scene without a main subject.

Do some research. There are many, many companies. And every one has a different range of images aimed at different kinds of retailers. Take a look at different catalogues to see if your work would make a good fit.

Please have patience. I am one person with a lot to do. And I receive many submissions daily.

Private label puzzles. If you are not looking for us to license your work, but to commission a private label printing, or you are an artist looking to have puzzles made that you will sell yourself: please contact www.puzzles-plus.com. We only do print runs over 3,000 copies. Puzzles-Plus does runs of 500.

Hope these thoughts help.
 Good luck to all,

Allegra Vernon, 
Creative Director

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3. Do you make custom puzzles for individuals?See more.

A. Sorry, we do not make custom puzzles! We have a brand of puzzles called, "Create Your Own Puzzles", but this is a blank puzzle board with various sized pieces that allow people to draw their own image. We recommend contacting Puzzle Warehouse for custom puzzles. If you are looking to make custom puzzles and sell them, we can investigate with you further, but your minimum order quantity will need to be a minimum of 2,500 puzzles for one single image. During Covid-19, we are not accepting any proposals for doing custom manufacturing. Our demand is incredibly high and the factory is maxed out on its production capabilities at this time. We expect it to be like this for the remainder of 2020. If there are changes, we will update these FAQs. Thank you for thinking of us!

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E. Wholesale Inquiries

1. How can I become a retailer or distributor for Cobble Hill?See more.

A. Thank you! We're excited that you're interested in partnering with Cobble Hill Puzzle Co.! You can fill out our Wholesale Inquiry form and the rep for your area will be in touch. You can find the form by CLICKING HERE.NOTE! During Covid-19, we are in high demand, while puzzle stock is in low supply. We may not be able to service you at this time, but we invite you to fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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2. What countries currently distribute your puzzles?See more.

A. We're excited to be steadily growing our international market. We have many countries around the world and you can see the list by CLICKING HERE.NOTE! We are very interested in expanding into South America and Mexico, so please contact us if you have any recommendations. Thank you!

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3. How long have you been in business?See more.

A. Cobble Hill has been in business since 2005! We're just a teenager when it comes to comparing us to many other reputable puzzle brands like Ravensburger, Piatnik, and White Mountain who have several more decades on us. But, ask around, and we're confident that you'll hear puzzlers praise our quality. Not only that, but we think we have pretty great customer service, too. Read more about us by CLICKING HERE.

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