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*NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting June 2nd, we are testing out whether puzzles can be ordered in single units again.
****Our warehouse will be closed for inventory JUNE 8-13.****
This MAY CAUSE DELAYS on puzzle orders as nothing will ship during this week of closure.
Only order
if you are comfortable waiting a few weeks. Else, please shop with one of our retailers in the Find A Store link. Thank you!

Create Your Own Puzzles is a jigsaw puzzle activity. The brand offers a variety of puzzle activities from blank canvas puzzle boards to Coloring Puzzles with various themes. If you want to imagine and create your own image, then the Create Your Own Puzzle blank (all white) jigsaws are the best choice. They come in various sizes from 5" x7" postcards to 24" x 36" floor puzzles! Or, you can choose the Coloring Puzzles which start you out with a theme brought to life with your colours! *Note: Tray puzzles are made in China.
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